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Calling all pet lovers! Dog and cat people unite on the pages of FYI Pets, a brand new, fun-to-flip-through magazine dedicated to helping pet parents like you figure out the whole pet care, forever-home thing! From inspiring stories to breed spotlights, helpful advice to do-it-yourself projects, we take the frenzy out of your furry lifestyle so you can focus on the four-legged friends who make it special in the first place.

We've designed FYI Pets with pet BFFs like you in mind, the busy pet parent who might have time for a quick article about pet insurance or a helpful breakdown of the ins and outs of the feline leukemia vaccine. Plus, a lot of entertainment! From celebrities following their dogs on leashes to the cutest pets to follow on Instagram, FYI Pets is here to offer up what matters to you as well as what makes you laugh. Head to Pet Supplies Plus and pick up a copy today!

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